The history of the birth of a robot

Robots in myths
  • 8th century B.C. : the appearance of ‘a golden girl' as a robot in the epic poem ‘Ilias' by Homeros
  • 3rd century B.C. : the appearance of the bronze giant ‘ Taros' in Greek mythology
  • 1st century B.C. : Heron created the revolving ‘play doll.'
Automatic machine period (1800-1920)

the appearance of moving dolls using automatic device and springs

  • 1741 : French mechanic Vaucanson built a mechanical duck using toothed wheels.
  • 1796 : Japanese Hosokawa invented a doll carrying tea.
  • 1773 : Swiss Jaquet Droz invented ‘a doll copying letters.
Industrial robot period (1920~1990)

The first industrial robot was invented and drawing lines were used by robot arms. Robots produced excellent efficiency in simply repeated work and in harsh conditions.

  • 1921 : The term ‘robot' was used for the first time in ‘Rosuum's Universial Robots' written by Czech Karel Capek.
  • 1951 : Japanese Tezuka Osamu produced the animation “Captain Atom.”
  • 1968 : Intelligent robot HAL 9000 appeared in the movie ‘Space Odyssey 2000' produced by Stanley Kubrick.
  • 1973 : Japanese Waseda University invented the world's first mechanical man ‘WABOT-1.'
  • 1981 : Carnegie Mellon University invented an erect standing robot using electric motors in operating joints.
Service robot period (1990~2005)

Robots begin to be used in service fields such as entertainment, household affairs support, crime prevention and events.

  • 1996 : Japanese Honda built the first automatic 2-leg walking robot, P2.
  • 1997 : Korean KAIST built the Korea's first walking robot ‘Sento.'
  • 1999 : Japanese Sony built the pet robot ‘Aibo.'
  • 2000 : Japanese Honda built the 2-leg walking robot ‘Ashimo.'
  • 2001 : Korean KAIST built the robot ‘AMI' available for emotional expressions.
  • 2002 : The film A.I. by Steven Spielberg
Intelligent robot period

Robots judge and move by themselves by AI in the future.

  • 2004 : Korean KAIST built the Korean humanoid 'HUBO'